The Bras Sofa Furniture by Artifort

Bras Sofa by Artifort

Khodi Feiz, inspired by the concepts of clarity, concept, and context in style has developed the Bras Sofa for Artifort. Artifort is committed to design that focuses on functionality, comfort and good quality. Bras is a excellent example of its perform. It boasts an aesthetically pleasing layout and revolutionary use of materials.

Bras Sofa by Artifort

The Bras Sofa by Artifort embraces ergonomics and intuitively molds itself to the organic posture of the user. Some of its notable features are its armrests which flaunt smooth contours. They make ideal rest spots for your arms. Khodi Feiz understands very well that the human arm doesn’t bend at a best correct angle it bends in an angular curve.

He exemplifies this perfectly in the Bras Sofa. The ergonomically developed armrests not only provide wonderful user comfort but also create a quite sleek silhouette that accentuates the sofa’s curvy form. Accessible in a selection of vibrantly colored upholstery, the Bras Sofa by Artifort comes with complementing cushions that enhance its pleasant aesthetics.

Also accessible individually is a matching footstool that permits you to stretch your legs and unwind with ease. The sofa’s powder-coated base provides a excellent chassis for the brightly colored upholstery and a steady base to prop up the seats.

Bras Sofa by Artifort

Award-winning designer Khodi Feiz’s review in industrial style is reflected very obviously in this sofa. Bras is the best piece for people who want to liven up their residing spaces with one thing functional and aesthetic.

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