The Butte Residence Design by Carney Logan Burke Architects


Architecture that springs from its site as a natural occupant is a unusual point, particularly when the home is large, as in 7600 square feet huge. The Butte Residence is delicately nestled on its 38 acre bluff in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. A driveway meanders by way of the site’s pine and aspen forest setting the stage for the amazing home that will unfold.

The house’s front entrance is subtly dramatic framed by planters and path, both of sandstone, that lead you there. The open finish of the gently curving roof protects the entrance and is supported by an angular wall, all clad in horizontal cedar siding and zinc trim.



Glass walled on both exterior sides, the central entrance is held back from the arched roof over, offering vistas of the mountains beyond. A second curvilinear roof covers a two level kind that is notched in to the hillside.



This public side homes spacious open living and dining areas flanked by a sandstone fireplace and stone on opposite interior walls. The exterior wall of glass is framed in wood with a zinc covered beam and doors that lead to the elevated rock terrace with its very own fireplace.





The one story form is the private side of this stunning contemporary property. Family members bedrooms, baths, an workplace, and a discreet patio prioritize privacy, views, and day light. Finishes during the house are largely from the earth – wood, stone, metals – and are flawlessly suited to this state of the artwork home.



Architects: Carney Logan Burke Architects
Photography: Matthew Millman and Paul Warchol

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