The Moncler Rucksack Design

High altitude matches higher type on this freezing climate company. When looking at all elements fashion, Italy knows best, so it’s not unusual that Italy based outerwear company Moncler could change a basic knapsack into anything svelte and high-couture.

The Moncler Rucksack was born within the conception between Moncler and Germany rucksack designer, Seil Marschall, a leader in rucksack artwork and developing considering 1896. This minimal edition backpack fuses the top of together worlds- the sleek, high-fashion element and resources prompted by Moncler’s renowned lower feather coats, plus the top quality rucksack design of Seil Marschall.

The backpacks are accessible in a quite black on black, or olive and tan colorway combo and feature a sizable inside chamber, adjustable leather-based-based saddle straps, and also a legal leather base cell. Remaining legitimate towards the Seil Marschall tradition, every single handbag is hands crafted and made in very constrained quantities. So get ‘em when they may be hot.

Designers: Moncler, Seil Marschall

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