The nHOME Caravan Design by Michal Kozlowski and Lukasz Pasckowski

Modern Caravan 1

Most recreational automobiles aren’t exactly elegant, and even the effectively-appointed versions have a tendency to be far more conventional in the seem of their fixtures, furnishings and decor.

The nHOME Caravan by Polish designers Michal Kozlowski and Lukasz Pasckowski is made specifically for a pair of youthful people with present day sensibilities, with all of the amenities required for a relaxed holiday on the street.

Modern Caravan 2

“In today’s hectic globe, young folks require distraction from daily lifestyle filled with tension, inactivity and monotony,” say the designers. “When searching for a way to devote your holidays are usually looking for anything that would give them a break to invest free time in an active way. Caravaning is a form of tourism that allows recreation.”

Modern Caravan 3

Modern Caravan 4

Small and compact at just over 1650 lbs, the nHOME does not get up a great deal of space, however delivers a fold-away dining table, dining benches that transform into a bed, a small kitchen and a moist area. The kitchen gives two stove eyes, a mini-fridge and freezer, a sink and lots of hidden storage for dishes, cookware and foods.

Modern Caravan 5

A big skylight illuminates the interior in the course of the day and permits a see of the stars at evening. The design maintains all of the simple-to-manufacture, lightweight qualities of modern RVs, with the capability to shut almost everything up for travel.

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