The Petstools Design by Hanna Ernsting


If you have a decision among utilizing a completely mundane piece of furniture and getting enjoyable with a cute animal-like house accessory, which would you pick? Designer Hanna Ernsting definitely chooses the latter with her line of adorable footstools that appear like playful animals.

playful animal footstools

The Petstools series consists of 4 animals: an elephant, a pig, a sheep, and anything which may possibly be an anteater or perhaps a goat. Ernsting imbues a cuddly sense of character into every of the stools, generating them seem virtually like pets just begging to play. Aside from being fully adorable, the Petstools fold in excess of your feet to keep them warm.

elephant petstool footstool

Excellent for kids or fun-loving adults, the Petstools all come with removable, washable wool covers. The types flip a boring utilitarian residence accessory into a cute and playful companion that can deliver a smile to your face every time you kick back and put up your feet.

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