The Wedge Armchair Furniture Design by Indera

The Wedge by Indera

Linde Hermans’ brand new, innovative design is The Wedge, a chair created for the Belgian furniture house, Indera. Inspired by the Wedge, a modest yet intensely productive tool and one of the earliest and most significant inventions of mankind, the stylish chair is perfect in every way.

True to its name, The Wedge Armchair by Indera is shaped like a wedge and features wedge-shaped cushions that provide very comfortable ergonomics and modular seating comfort. The chair is very versatile and flexible and acclimatizes itself to the requirements of the user adapting effectively to their needs. Its components are mobile and can be slid back and forth, lending the benefit of playing with varying heights and depths.

The manufacturer, Indera, gives the option of all the components being produced in the same material, if need be with the additional alternative of differing the fabric on the seat, back, side panels and cushions. Leather is another alternate choice as an upholstery material. The unique blend of different fabrics and leather thus, generates a beautiful collage of materials and texture. The resulting piece is a bold ensemble that emanates a strong character and meticulous workmanship.

The Wedge by Indera

The Wedge by Indera

With The Wedge Armchair in your living space, be prepared for envious glances and a constant flow of queries pouring in. These are the only negatives as the chair comes with numerous benefits. Packed with solidity, durability and great aesthetics, it is all set to bedeck your home in style.

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