Three Harbour Green Architecture Design by IBI/HB Architects


Three Harbour Green represents a remaining tower for being formulated with this nook of Coal Harbour, an place though using metropolis that homes numerous housing towers of architectural excellence within a final decade. This crown jewel completes a a couple of-tower scheme, overlooking Stanley Park, the north shore mountains, and fronting seven acres of waterfront park living space.


The tower is a tallest on the three Harbour Green towers, at 33 storeys and 125 meters. IBI/HB Architects noted the fact that generating got two “personalities” as being a dividing wire involving the place of work towers from the east, and also the ultra-modern available towers on the west.

As this type of, the Three Harbour Green’s eastern facade is austere and minimalist to be a genuine curtain wall. The west edge is more complex, rendered like a line of stone-clad bins hanging from the creating, or ‘sky gardens’. At the 8th storey, the constructing terraces right decrease to deliver a more described highway wall with you the constructing’s major frontage.


The creating supplies includes an interplay of glazing and stone veneer, while the landscape supplies along heading towards making’s trust are constant with the excessive quality and color from the tower themselves. Public fine art by Jill Anholt of Urban Art Management completes the issue in the web page’s occupied southeast nook. With a really vibrant court criminal realm associated with the site, the landscape was the greatest challenge.

Working with Philips Farevaag Smallenberg Landscape Architects, the final alternative results in an interface that may be smooth with its environs, with sensitively intended townhouse pieces confronting the street, along with a minimalist yard within the tower’s north facade that doesn’t impede the dramatic views within the sea, sky, and mountains.


IBI/HB innovatively gratified each equally the builder and City’s wishes provided a really tremendously auspicious site. While maximizing both the building height and location needs granted its complete rezoning, IBI/HB was allowed to please the City’s want to protect the waterfront public criminal realm by minimizing the affect on the shadow in the tower and making a smooth landscape interface. These innovative developments lead in giving you a building befitting the architectural excellence of Coal Harbour.

Three Harbour Green incorporates several environmentally friendly technologies:

• Extensive landscaping mitigates warm island influence
• Nearby transit bond offers alternate method of travel possibilities
• Low VOC content in carpets, cabinets, paints along with other finishes
• High effectiveness window wall with low-e glazing
• Passive solar develop tactics are realized because of building massing and solar shading gadgets
• Low outer easy air pollution method
• Low amount fixtures and vigor valuable lights and devices


IBI Group is often a multi-disciplinary advisory corporation featuring providers in 4 places of practice: Urban Land, Facilities, Transportation, and Intelligent Systems. Over the prior 39 decades it was developed steadily and after this have 86 offices almost everywhere in Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia, plus the Middle East.

We utilise throughout 3,a hundred individuals internationally like architects, customers and method of travel engineers, land planners, LEED accredited professionals, public consultation/approval specialists, internal designers, landscape architects, and assignment managers.

Bio of Designer: James Hancock

James Hancock is Director of Design at IBI/HB Architects (a fellow fellow member of IBI Group) and will be an Architect that is really a hugely respected custom of high density residential, blended use, and inn campaigns. He may be accountable for your pattern of above 100 towers in Vancouver, Arizona, Minnesota, California, Nebraska, and also China and Abu Dhabi.

He has to get as Chairman with the Vancouver Design Panel, and advisor for the Development Permit Board, the West Vancouver Design Panel, a invitee critic at the School of Architecture at UBC, a member from the AIBC Council, an teacher in the RAIC Syllabus Program, and coordinator to the Canadian Architectural Certification Program in British Columbia, and also an oral examiner for interim architects searching enrollment. He grew to become a Fellow on the RAIC in 2002.

Location: 1105 West Cordova Street, Vancouver, Canada
Architects/Designers: IBI/HB Architects
Client: ASPAC Developments
Official label from the project: Three Harbour Green
Project manager: Ledcor Construction
Design team: James Hancock
Structural engineers: Jones Kwong Kishi
Mechanical engineers: Yoneda & Associates
Electrical engineers: Nemetz and Associates
Landscape architect: Phillips Farevaag Smallenberg
Contractor: Ledcor Construction
Project finish date: March 2012
Additional Data
Area: 23,730 sq. m
Height (to tip): 125.95 m
Number of floors: 33

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