Tokyo Megurohoncho House Design by Torafu Architects


Torafu Architects have designed the a property in Megurohoncho House in Tokyo, Japan. This can be a renovation task of your 40 year-old strengthened concrete constructing that initially housed storage and office spaces all-around the basement around the other ground and residential spaces about the third ground.

Our existing artwork centered around the constructing’s exterior and located quarters for the 2nd and third floors. The second stage in the project is arrange to convert the basement and first flooring into break in the action spaces.


First, all interior partitioning was carried out away with to cost-free up residing space. Towering above the encompassing houses, the 3rd flooring is nicely lit and accommodates the living space, although the 2nd floor offers a comparatively more private space.

An aperture was produced heading towards center in the 3rd floor plus a sizable article of furnishings with built-in stairs was placed directly underneath it to produce a line of flow within the building. The slightly off-center furnishing loosely partitions the ensemble, therefore producing spaces with various personalities around it.


Atop of this item of furniture connecting the upper and lower floors there may be a broad landing that makes another small floor.


By making the endless bay window on the 2nd floor serve like a major workplace or upgrading the veranda on the 3rd floor right into a space leading towards the entrance, etc., we strived to build recently added things coexist while using remnants on the existing building and share it an overall sense of unity.



Architect:Torafu Architects
Photographs: Daici Ano

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