Torus House Design Ideas

Privacy and efficient living area might be tricky ahead by close to the city limits – this house manages to element together in spades, in spite of its middle area within the Quang Ninh province of Vietnam.

Designed by Vo Trong Nghia Architects, a essential architectural gesture offers form towards construction and space alike – an upward-spiraling stone making that kinds about and within natural gardens and roofs.

From the architects: “Circulating movement operates round the courtyard and proceeds towards efficient roofing, connecting all spots in your home. This courtyard and efficient roof compose a sequential back garden, which makes a full marriage concerning on the inside and exterior the house.”

The end result can be a line of rooms that seem lower for the middle light well and garden area, or enable residents to stroll suitable out into it or upon the tops on the boundary-defining walls, that happen to be by themselves grass roofs. The product palette is mostly threefold: lush greenery (above and below), trendy stone (outside and structure) and comfy wooden (inside and trim).

Of the materials: “To build a wall with sleek curvature, cubic stones using a thickness of 10cm have been meticulously stacked. Consequently, the wall performs the engage in of light and shadow. Massive and meticulous texture from the wall generates a cave-like space, which recalls the image of the primitive house.”

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