Transparent Tents Design Ideas

Enjoy uninterrupted views in the French countryside even though outstanding guarded from your essentials in these entertaining clear dome tents on the Attrap’Rêves Bubble hotels.

One translucent hut is usually yours on the nighttime in Bouches-du-Rhone or Loir-et-Cher, France, for the camping out experience that’s a little more glamorous than creating your individual cot and nylon tent within the woods.

Designed by Pierre Stéphane, the bubble tents are about 13 ft in diameter and vary from totally clear to half-opaque which includes an obvious ‘skylight’ available to the stars, based against your wish for for lookup versus seclusion. You could also pick concerning a regular-sized tent, or perhaps suite, that has an more space.

All with the bubbles are outfitted by using a queen-sized mattress, a cafe table, a telescope and also a star chart. A assortment of package selections bring added luxuries like champagne, jacuzzi sessions and just a little French cuisine. Locations include pine forests, areas and hilly wine region.

Placed on platforms, surrounded by trees, these clear tents make you are feeling almost as attached to aspect as though you had been easily asleep inside open air, without distressing about sharing your bed with bugs.

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