Tropical Rainforest House Design by Architects Bernardes + Jacobsen

tropics7 architecture

Here’s a novel method of making from the rainforest-covered site from architects Bernardes + Jacobsen.

tropics8 architecture

The house is sixty ft inside air, built on the platform raised high above the rainforest.

tropics9 architecture

The platform is supported by five pillars, which propel it high enough to discover the sea views covering the Brazilian forest.

tropics2 architecture

Once in conjunction with the newest “ground level””, a comfortable vacation house overlooks Brazil’s gorgeous Guarujá beach.

tropics3 architecture

And it isn’t an Swiss Family Robinson treehouse.

Once up there, your home has all from the amenities to enjoy luxurious family vacations and solar panels supply all of the electricity it requires.

tropics5 architecture

The architects brief was to create a family vacation house large enough to accommodate guests – which inside a really gorgeous place are repeated.

tropics1 architecture

The new ground level is already commencing its very own trees. The platform acts being a large tree shading the little ones, keeping the organic process from the forest and preserving it.

tropics4 architecture

And due to the fact that the lowest a part of the home is 60 feet up, beneath the platform, understory trees have an overabundance than enough room growing therefore to their full height.

tropics6 architecture

And 60 feet up in the forest canopy… that’s quite a hike! That’s the equivalent of 6th floor walk-up in a city apartment building. That keeps everyone fit!

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