Tumble Weed Furniture Design by Carmela Bogman


Designer Carmela Bogman has created Tumble Weed, a stool created from aluminium strips. Finding the suitable stability in daily life is difficult. Work is piling up, at your house hold the chores apparently multiply from the hours and leisure time is cluttered by quite a few appointments. Designer, Carmela Bogman, started off a hunt for your proper equilibrium and designed a real response and an optimistic impulse called Tumble Seed.


Tumble Seed is often a stool wondering loosely as a result of space, waiting so you might solve its balance. The form is based using a blossom seed, shifting inside wind researching the suitable spot growing. The subtle coloring is often a reference point for the gorgeous bloom that may develop from it and it is definitely an motivation to get a brand new take up residence plus a bright upcoming.


Tumble Seed is scattered around home or even the effort flooring may also certainly be lifted and moved to another place, the rounded shape provides an effective resting placement. Tumble Seed is designed beyond eight aluminium strips, which might be fixed along ingeniously.

All materials are made by Dutch firms as well as the combined brushed aluminium, altered wood and easy disassembly insure that it is often a environmentally friendly style and design. Tumble Seed is a design of Carmela Bogman, according to the authority of MN/Art Partner.


Designer: Carmela Bogman, under the authority of MN/Art Partner.

Photography: Anouk de Kleermaeker

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