Ugol Table Lamp Design by Yaroslav Misonzhnikov


Saint Petersburg custom Yaroslav Misonzhnikov has developed a table lamp called Ugol. Plain kind and effectiveness is coupled with one of a kind manner of setting up it up over a table, because from the best way now obtained a patent. All you would like is really a table angle and table of the common thickness.

A regular operating table is normally from just one to 2,5 cm solid. The lamp is getting around the angle and rests inclined by it’s weight, then the angle involving lamp along with the table relies upon about the thickness of the table by itself. Ugol suggests “corner” In Russian language.

The item is planned for just lately founded from the artist themself Saint-Petersburg manufacturer Imenno-design. The lamp might be realized from a constrained edition and unveiled in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow boutiques as well as on-line in Imenno-design model buy inside the web.

Designer: Yaroslav Misonzhnikov
Photography: Ksenya Malgina

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