Umitkoy White House Design by Yazgan Design Architecture

Yazgan Design Architecture | White house hold

Located inside the Umitkoy location of Ankara, Turkey, White House is often a four-story, 800 m² confidential villa designed to get a sizable spouse and children. The style and style prepare was produced by means of a near collaboration in involving the architect and client.

The spaces determined inside the villa: entrance, foyer, located space, kitchen, eating space, get good at room, study, children’s rooms, safe-keeping space, fitness room, and garage, was separated as singular essentials and organized dependant on measurement requirements and romantic partnership right into a middle focal position.

Per the request inside client, the connections in in between these spaces were being founded by means of a middle core comprised of two modes of vertical blood blood circulation consisting to a staircase and elevator. During the layout phase, just about every spatial model was established and deemed individually, developed into programmatic arms from your connection with all the central core, and collected to be a total with all the envelopment for your facade.

Yazgan Design Architecture | White house

Instead of with a normal adjacent relationship, every single room establishes its association to a single another from your room. One from the benefits of this centrality dependent structure stands out as the fact that just about every room is capable of gain normal easy from two directions.

The minute profit is the confident spaces produced whilst from the exterior. While each provide containing the internal components maintains total freedom in regards to period and width, in reaction to this, the exterior spaces change in addition. Thus making a feeling from a ‘push and pull’ energetic relationship from the internal and exterior. By placing the circulation core when from the heart from the scheme, there can be a little level of space lost.

Along by using a structural core while inside the core containing the staircase and elevator, the structural support procedure is distributed for the perimeter walls of your house thus opening up the internal and generating totally free wide open spaces. While the exterior is painted from the color that offered its brand around the villa, reflective supplies are employed in the extensions and terrace level.

Yazgan Design Architecture | White house

The relationship of an programmatic model towards center is established both equally in plan as properly as in sections. The rotation from a systematic section from the center translates into the total style and style principle for the villa. In reply towards the functional separation of rooms, an expression of unity is created through a collective envelope, allowing for visible and bricks-and-mortar systems between spaces.

The connections between spaces differ from an expression that while some circulation into each other, some rooms completely separated. This flexibleness permits the spaces to get processed dependant on requests in the people. Thus there’s a co-existence of flowing spaces and separated spaces inside of exactly the very same process, which at any moment in time has the idea to interchange.

In purchase to incorporate an additional factor of flexibility towards arms, several additional programmatic components including a greenhouse, seated niche, bathrooms, along with a walk-in closet are connected to spaces.

Yazgan Design Architecture | White house

The whole system is collected vertically between a sizable terrace on the best part flooring along with a wooden veranda on the place flooring. The overall landscape style is distinctly separated into a circular hardscape and vegetated landscape. The systematic section that establishes the programmatic distribution of spaces also confirms its area in determining the landscape design tied to the site.

In get to produce a sizable veranda between the living room and eating room, the central focal point from the design is shifted in the north-east course. This proceed also permits for the extension with the arm containing the living room and grasp bedroom to extend to the perimeter with the circular veranda.

The shift in the central focal point translates into a fragile balance of small, medium, and big spaces that ebb and flow while sustaining a graphic relationship with all the exterior landscape, eventually discovering their place in the overall design in the villa and its surroundings.

Location: Umitkoy, Ankara, Turkey
Architect: Yazgan Design Architecture
Project date: 2009-2010
Construction date: 2011-2012
Total development area: 900 m2
Structural project: APCB – Aydn Pelin, Can Binzet Engineering
Electrical project: GMD Engineering
Mechanical project: GMD Engineering
Landscape consultant: Palmet Landscaping
Landscape project: Yazgan Design Architecture
Construction type: Reinforced Concrete
Photos: Yunus Ozkazan , Ruya Balaban

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