Unspillable Wine Glass Design Ideas

Wine eyeglasses can be made to appear stylish and optimise flavor-enhancing temperature flow, but with those top-heavy goblets teetering on this kind of narrow base, they’re an incident waiting around to come about.

The ingenious Saturn Wine Glass by Christopher Yamane of Fragile Studios gets rid of the danger of impossible-to-remove wine intrinsic and extrinsic stains which includes a develop that can make the a magnifying glaas virtually unspillable.

Made from the single piece of cup, the Saturn Wine Glass attributes a rim that prevents it from turning over in case you knock into it. Yamane applied standard magnifier-blowing tactics to provide the stemless glass its signature Saturn-like ring, folding a bubble of glass and trapping air in just it.

The rim also operates like a plug line, so servings are ideal each time. It may receive a though to acquire useful to holding this glass from the palm of your respective hand, but it’s well worth the assurance for you to won’t closing stages track of a dress discussed in Shiraz.

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