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unusual furniture

The kind aspects of familiar furniture are typically rather concrete inside our memories. When we visualize a chair, we expect it to resemble a chair – and likewise for platforms, benches, therefore forth. But by using with materials, functionality and appearances, furniture designer Thomas Schnur can make us absolutely re-feel our preconceived ideas about furniture.

rubber table

rubber plunger table

End tables and plungers are two home factors that are so common they’re regularly overlooked. The Rubber Table combines both right right into a totally new and relatively bizarre item of furniture. It’s a flexible rubber tabletop supported by five small plungers which, when pushed in gently, cause the table to adhere to whatever surface it can be on by way of suction.

high shelf

The beer bench is really a symbol of fun times in Germany and everywhere otherwise on earth with beer tents and summer festivals. Schnur’s High Shelf uses exactly the same style of folding legs to get a straightforward receptive material cabinet up with a workable height. The a new portions allow the celebration attitude to persist year-round inside a property.


thomas schnur benchchair

The monobloc chair is said that they are everything’s trendiest chair. The uncomplicated stackable vinyl grass chair may be seen in returning yards worldwide. Schnur took the monobloc aesthetic and extended it into a surprisingly sophisticated fiberglass bench. As a tongue-in-cheek nod towards the Benchchair’s design inspiration, one side in the bench looks just much like the classic monobloc chair.

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