Upper East Side Residence Design by Erika Flugger


This charming Upper East Side residence was just lately renovated and developed by Erika Flugger of NYC Interior Design. Hiring a designer who is adept at generating additional area in a house is effectively really worth the funds invested. In this venture, Erika centered on texture and straightforward kinds to elevate this residence to produce quiet sophistication.

The living space is a study in symmetry. The custom oatmeal chaise lounges flank either side of the simple fireplace, and built-in cabinetry conceals electronics and adds further storage. The addition of this set of customized-created wall units encased in higher gloss lacquer finish adds a bit of sparkle to this otherwise neutral palette.

When you are considering the addition of created-ins in your house, it is essential to discuss this with your contractor, architect or designer in order to produce a cohesive strategy for your area. Incorporating developed-ins “after the fact” can consequence in a appear that takes away from the all round aesthetic you are trying to obtain.




Scale and symmetry are vital for this type of furnishings. Finishes can range from rustic wood to extremely burnished metals and glossy lacquered finishes.

I really like the rough-hewn shelf in yet another part of the property, it appears to be floating from the wall and holds mementos of the client’s travels abroad.

This remodel is total with an overhaul of the existing furnishings and new hardwood white oak flooring. The consequence is a area that radiates a sense of sumptuous ease, reinforced by a calm and pared down palette.




Design: NYC Interior Design and style.

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