Urban Garden House Design

Contemporary and modern houses have become bringing their garden indoors or using vertical garden for inside playing field background.

Floral and natural concept are primarily chosen integrating with modern minimalist designs making the houses more comfortable to live in. Artificial light and fire are embedded towards the indoors garden creating warm atmosphere feelings.


Some designers prefer place the gardens inside the middle to a room resembles a tiny island, where another design is integrated it with home interior designs configuring beautifully using the chairs, windows, and tables. As made the effort passed, the less land area provided.

Vertical garden concept generally certainly be an excellent alternative for restricted area. It could be applied in some indoors and outdoors room’s nook. Pakis, geotekstil and modular media employed for planting.

Vertical garden is good applied because background for inner court. Two meters or a couple of meters surfaces are all blanketed with evergreen epifit plant causing shade result which enacts everyone’s eye keep investigating. Urban garden home designs increase natural light to appear in freely going from your environment friendly walls.

Vertical garden wants a really good choice for plants and as well long-term treatments which may be done regularly to maintain the plant fresh and green.

garden indoor
Integrating garden and home

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