Vida Creamy Modular Sofa Furniture Design by Indera

Vida Creamy Modular Sofa by Indera

Created for Belgian furniture firm Indera, the Vida Creamy Modular Sofa by Wim Segers and Bob Segers from Layout Studio Segers is a super modular, progressive design idea that adapts flawlessly to the consumer and his wants. Studio Sergers has manufactured a meticulous survey of how folks dwell in purchase to attain a design as comprehensive as Vida Creamy.

Vida Creamy Modular Sofa by Indera

The Vida Creamy Modular Sofa by Indera employs elegant neutral toned upholstery that permits it to match into any sort of setting. It supplies a clean slate for the house owner to create upon. It can develop an array of arrangements and has a style for each event, mood or personal option.

It beautifully represents the differing lifestyles of diverse people. Vida Creamy exhibits various arrangements, with some speaking of minimalism, some speaking of organized living and other folks reflecting pretty chaos. All its compositions echo a distinct character marked with individualism.

Vida Creamy, supplemented with plush, luxurious cushions filled with natural fluff, produces a mood of calm repose and rest. It is developed with fine supplies making use of cutting edge technology. It is sturdy, versatile and flexible in use and offers excellent consumer comfort and generous aesthetics.

Vida Creamy Modular Sofa by Indera

Echoing the layout studio’s philosophy about design and style reflecting real people and the lives they reside, the Vida Creamy Modular Sofa is an outstanding piece. It splendidly answers the true challenges of furnishings design and scores a hundred percent on all accounts of ensemble style.

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