VMVK House Design by dmvA


dmvA have made the VMVK House in Sint-Katelijne-Waver, Belgium. How to create a particular residence in a very wonderful environment of woods, just future for the Nete-valley on the badly orientated site? Extremely profound form-studies, town-planning regulations and also a respectful mindset to nature defined the design-attitude.

Characteristic on the way of thinking could be the rural, amorphous form that has a hipped roof with distinct angles of inclination, flattened on top, and dwelling one other way around, indicating living about the upper floors along with the big roof terrace to be able to utilize the splendid view. The use of white lacquered zinc for both roof and surfaces reinforce home for being an icon in nature.





Architect: dmvA

Photography: Frederik Vercruysse

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