Vol de Rêve Sofa Design by Leolux

Vol de R&#xEAve Sofa Collection by Leolux

Nominated for the Interior Innovation Award in 2007, Vol de Rêve is magnificent in each and every way. The sofa collection is comprised of a huge variety of components and two arm variants: the exuberant “swing” arm and the cozy “low” arm.

The adjustable arm cushions provide additional comfort. Vol de Rêve has little rolls that can be connected to the backs of the sofas for further comfort. It delivers a chic, urban come to feel with the flexibility of modular residing. It offers a fresh and extraordinary answer to your special requirements and will carry a distinguished appear of sophistication to your residing room.

Vol de R&#xEAve Sofa Collection by Leolux

Boasting gorgeous aluminum feet that run into the bases of the sofas backs, the Vol de Rêve Sofa Collection by Leolux is ideal for every single modern home. It has footstools and sofas in various sizes and a modular piece with a selection of factors. Its adjustable arm cushions and back cushions come in diverse sizes and give further comfort. While the collection would be best for contemporary settings, the cleanness of its styles tends to make it excellent for just about any setting.

Vol de R&#xEAve Sofa Collection by Leolux

Strategic design advisor Jane Worthington is known for generating unified, graceful pieces that provide a lot of perform and fashion. Her collections consist of an eclectic mix of pieces that provide comfort without sacrificing design. Vol de Rêve plainly reflects that eclecticism: Each of its pieces has a exclusive panache that even now feels adaptable. If you want something that is out of the ordinary, get it.

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