Volcane and Lagune Coffee Tables Furniture by Bellila


Design studio Bellila have produced Volcane and Lagune, java furniture that operation built-in gardens.

Description from Bellila

Volcane can be a table which has a solid mineral character, which proposes a understated dosage among function and aesthetics.

It is amazing but participates within the architecture of this respective house.

It is constituted of thirdly parts:
– just one base, which will fulfill as safe-keeping room or space (lacquered thermoformed aBS)
– just one tray (MDF lacquered or huge fire wood)
– just one detachable “jar” to permit for a fairly effortless maintaining (lacquered thermoformed aBS)

The table is quickly obtainable in numerous colours and finishes.


Lagune is really a sober and general-purpose table, which will allowed easily a landscape, a Zen garden, or perhaps a pond with fishes.

It is rational and turns into included in to the architecture of your on the inside.

It is constituted of 6 parts:
– a single easy endure leg that may allowed the minute tray for arrangement (oiled enormous wood or lacquered steel)
– just one tray (MDF lacquered or enormous wood)
– a single detachable “jar” to allow a simple maintaining (enameled ceramic)

The table is easily obtainable in numerous colorings and finishes.

Designer: Bellila

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