Vondom Wing Table and Chair Funiture

Wing Table and Chair by Vondom

The newest addition to Vondom’s furniture collection is ‘Wing,’ designer A-Cero’s masterpiece. Wing is comprised of a table and chair characterized by straight lines and curves. The pieces come in neutral hues to complement present day spaces and minimalist houses.

Wing Table and Chair by Vondom

The Wing Table and Chair by Vondom are created in proportions that fit simply into constrained spaces as properly as big spacious ones. They make perfect complements for interiors and outside spaces. They search great in patios, terraces, and restaurants, hotels, and cafes.

Curves and acute angles type an integral element of their design as do lovely aesthetics and properly-defined proportions. The table and chair are basic and organic, designed for type and functionality. They generate a great impression from the word go and show wonderful sculptural high quality.

What can make them even more desirable is the truth that their finishing reveals the use of cutting edge technological innovation and Vondom’s ethics of functioning with eco-friendly raw resources. Wing Table and Chair have been made with recyclable raw resources and are ideal for house owners who adore safeguarding the environment they reside in. They boast climate resistant qualities and are robust and resilient.

Wing Table and Chair by Vondom

The Wing Table and Chair are made for trendy and unique individuals. They adorn spaces beautifully and add existence to dull rooms. Vondom is very passionate about making style wealthy, gorgeous and eco-friendly products and this is one particular of its ideal collections. It is based mostly on a powerful design notion that has been executed as superbly.

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