Wall Clock Design by Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk


For those people longing that they are fixed free from living life by your second the Wall Clock by Qlocktwo is just for you personally. Designers Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk have designed a healthy and innovative method of telling time that can inspire want you to reset the tempo of this everyday.

Artfully displaying the current time in bold, easy to understand statements, the Qlocktwo spells out the time period in some good moment intervals with no standard way of hands and numbers. The award winning develop elements two modes of your time synchronization employing Quartz or even the European time incite by signifies of r / c reception to guarantee your wall clock maintain exceptional precision.


The Qlocktwo is obtainable in twelve several languages and eight utility hues specify in polished acrylic glass or brushed not stainable. An exchangeable entry panel presented up by magnets makes adjusting the Qlocktwo styles rapid and easy, departing you with a lot of your respective to free.




Designers: Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk

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