Wall Mirror Decoration Ideas


“Mirror mirror about the wall who’s the prettiest an example of all”? However this might most most likely be one thing that doesn’t concern you at all, mirror table will coordinate to open up an imaginary garage door to other worlds, reminding around the globe of reports like Cinderella.

Mirror table may be designed from the Swedish studio front to the Italian Porro. The body of its rectangular mirror contains half a table, which as reflected about the mirror behind it translates into the illusion on the round table. It is not going to just double and complete the shape from the hemispheric table, nevertheless it is going to also add dimension and soft to whichever place you’ll choose add this chunk of furniture, inside the entrance, for the living room on your bedroom’s make up corner.

Slim ample to fit anywhere, large enough to catch your whole everyday necessities before leaving home, beauty cosmetics in the bedroom and even carry and double the profile of your vase with pretty take into account somewhere with your living room’s corner. The mirror steps 207 cm high, 94 cm wide while the table is 77,6 cm high which includes a depth for 29.5 cm. Less is more and also this can be a good example to help it.



Designers: Front for Porro.

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