Wall Pockets Design by Ivan Exposito


Usually I shy aside from sticky wall decor simply because because they commented “what goes up, must appear down”, but Barcelona-based wall decal company, Unwhite, has developed a clever, fun, and functional item of wall talent that could ask you to considering your wall space from a total new gentle.

The Wall Pockets by developer Ivan Exposito are a quirky and creative resolution to the majority of life’s questions that plague the majority people morning time in and day out- “have you viewed the remote control?” or “what would I do with my keys??”.

Designed with functionality in mind, the Wall Pockets had been created to stow away the things at your residence that never find a way to be from the areas you originally quit them like TV remotes, ear buds, keys, measuring tape… you have the concept. The Wall pockets appear in the specify of two pocket shaped vinyl decals and they are accessible in either white or black matte conclude.

Assembly (and disassembly) is really a piece of cake may also be placed anywhere there is certainly a smooth, non-porous surface.

So next time you’re thinking that you can have misplaced an example of your respective household items, just verify your pockets.

Designers: Ivan Exposito

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