Washington Park Hilltop Residence Design by Stuart Silk Architects


Stuart Silk Architects have intended the Washington Park Hilltop Residence in Seattle, Washington.Water can be a theme, metaphor, and regular bodily existence on this home place over a bluff overlooking Lake Washington.

Views using the wide lake, Mt. Rainier and North Cascades dictated the orientation and transparency with the elevation confronting the drinking drinking waters. A approach then evolved to integrate standard water attributes in the home, that they are veteran from inside and out.


An unequal-sided “H” approach locations the entry, dwelling and eating parts from a central pavilion, though flanking wings comprise the family’s confidential rooms. The passages on the wings are condensed between lightly moving water training inspired through the canals of Suzhou and Venice.

These assist not just as ever-present reminders with the beauty of water, but additionally the dynamics of passage through life as a navigates throughout the home’s interior and exterior spaces. The alignment from the canals also focuses the building’s orientation when it comes to the views.


The spirits of your house is quietly contemporary. The clients sought a quality of architecture that could outlive moving styles. They were also vitally involved with the home’s sustainability; the architects incorporated quite a few possibilities that contribute towards the work toughness and overall performance. Some illustrations include a green roof, gray water selection system, and solar panels for water heating.


Though the building is geometrically simple, it offers a prosperous juxtaposition of solidity, transparency, and fluid movement.




Architect: Stuart Silk Architects

Photography: Rob Perry Photography

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