White Concrete Hewlett House Design by MPRDG architects

The power to have in views of your stunning beach front in Australia is balanced using a family’s need for comfort while during the white concrete floor Hewlett House by MPRDG architects. A striking contrast to better conventional buildings that surround it, this modern concrete residence is made of stacked geometric stories connected which has a shell-shaped staircase.

The rectangular home gets a feeling of motion and improved visual interest with the dramatic staircase along with a level of privacy screen for the upper account that’s stimulated by your shapes from the eucalyptus shrub branches around it.

The cheapest floor is built partially to the hillside, with a rock wall that gives it a cave-like atmosphere. This floor houses a recreation area leading out for the swimming pool and garden. The bedrooms are tucked absent in the central floor, while the upper story is reserved for common spaces to look at full profit in the views.

While the plentiful magnifier and open-air terraces focus the view beyond neighboring houses towards nearby Bronte beach, the rooms inside are arranged for maximum privacy.

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